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Baylor welcomes students from 18 countries, 25 states, and dozens of area neighborhoods. But here, we don’t see local students or international students, day students or boarding students. Living and learning together, we simply see Baylor students.

Quick Facts

Founded in 1893

Baylor combines a strong academic tradition along with a commitment to innovation.

1,070 Students

Baylor welcomes students in grades 6-12; 52% male, 48% female.

Average Class Size: 15

Small classes and individual instruction are hallmarks of a Baylor education.

24 AP Classes

Last year 209 Baylor Students took 442 Advanced Placement exams, with 88% scoring 3 or higher.

  • More than 70% of our faculty hold advanced degrees.
  • Baylor’s student-to-faculty ratio is 8:1.
  • We provide approximately $6 million in financial aid each year.
  • Since 2008, Baylor has had over 50 National Merit Scholarship Finalists.
  • Graduation classes typically receive college merit scholarship offers totaling $12-$16 million.
  • Over the past two years Baylor graduates have matriculated to 190+ institutions worldwide.
  • Baylor has won more state championships than any other school in Tennessee.
  • Day school: grades 6-12, Boarding school: grades 9-12.
  • 690 acre campus on the banks of the Tennessee River.
  • 39 dorm parents live on campus.

Mission, Values, & Honor

Baylor's mission is to foster in its students both the ability and the desire to make a positive difference in the world.

Our Values

  • We foster an environment where kids learn the valuable social skills of cooperation and mutual respect – something they will need to succeed in today's world.
  • Demanding academic courses are the heart of our program. Curiosity and hard work are expected of all students, and a high level of academic performance is the norm. Baylor students are surrounded by peers who value academic achievement and a faculty whose main aim is to help students achieve it.
  • Each boy and girl who enrolls at Baylor School must sign, and live by, the Baylor Honor Code.
  • We believe that a student's moral and ethical strengths lie in their intentions and actions. It is through dialogue, accountability, and education that students reflect upon their character and inspires them to want to make a positive difference in the world.
  • We believe that faith is central to every person's life and that the study of religion is an essential part of a complete education. While the majority of our students and faculty are Christian, all major world religions are represented in the school and we welcome and respect all faiths.
  • We require students to consciously consider and develop their leadership potential. Rather than singling out only the top students - our goal is to reach out to all of our students and help them discover and develop their emerging leadership skills.
  • Our extremely talented faculty are able to see the individual potential of each child and encourage them to participate in a broad range of academic, artistic, athletic, and extracurricular activities.

Baylor's Honor Code has been the cornerstone of our values as a school since 1916.


Our commitment to coeducation is important in all aspects of the school and is directly linked to our commitment to leadership and diversity. Learning with people from different cultures and backgrounds broadens our students' views and prepares them for the real world. By offering boys and girls equal opportunities, we help them develop their full potential and a respect for different perspectives.

Being in a coed environment makes you well-rounded, especially where you get to meet people with different backgrounds. You need to know how to interact with all types of people, because that’s the world – that’s reality.

Haydon Tucker '15Baylor Alum

I love going to a co-ed school. Its nice that you get a blend of different ideas; if you are [attending] a single sex school, you have narrow ideas. Both boys and girls have different ideas and perspectives.

Adam Davis ’16
Day Student, Chattanooga, TN

Being in a coed environment makes you well-rounded, especially where you get to meet people with different backgrounds. You need to know how to interact with all types of people, because that’s the world – that’s reality.

Tara Wynn ’89
Baylor Alum

Teaching requires more energy to work with both genders. It’s messier, but it’s so great to see how different perspectives influence each other. This is more the way the world works.

Betsy Carmichael
Art Instructor

Success After Baylor

Baylor School has many remarkable alumni/ae, some of whom are profiled here. Many of our graduates have distinguished themselves in major fields ranging from education and law to medicine and journalism.

Arthur Golden '74

After Arthur's first novel, Memoirs of a Geisha, was published in the fall of 1997 to great critical acclaim, it stayed on The New York Times' bestseller list for several months and sold over half a million copies.

Tom Jolly '73

Tom Jolly was in one of the hottest of the hot seats on Election Night 2000. As part of the team that oversees the front page of the venerable New York Times, Tom worked into the wee hours in an effort to report the outcome of a presidential election that was too close to call.

Tene Hamilton Franklin '91

Tene has more than 15 years of experience as a project director and consultant in the areas of genetic counseling and research, community outreach and education, grant operations and policy recommendations.

Morris (Sandy) Weinberg, Jr. '68

Morris "Sandy" Weinberg Jr. has been on the winning side of numerous high-profile cases throughout his almost 40 years as a federal prosecutor and private practitioner. He led the defense in a historical health care fraud case, secured a dismissal of charges in a rare criminal case brought against a religion, and led the prosecution in one of the country's most celebrated tax fraud cases.

Robyn Snyder '93

"Child life lets me combine my interest in medicine and psychology with my love of working with children," says Robyn. "I know I'm doing something worthwhile when I see a child who has been anxious and scared about being in the hospital smile when I come through the door."

Donald Pippin '44

When he heard that David Merrick was bringing the hit show "Oliver," to New York, Don made a bold move and asked Merrick to be conductor and musical director. "Why should I give it to you?" Merrick asked. "Because I love the music, and nobody could ever do it as well as I could," Don said. Merrick gave Don, then in his early 20s, the job with the warning, "You'd better be as good as you think you are."

Jennifer Eitel Young '92 & Stephanie Eitel Farrar '95

Young is blonde and settled in Austin, Texas, and Farrar is a free spirited brunette who feels at home in Los Angeles. But the sisters share a love of music, and their disparate paths gave them the complementary skills they needed to establish their music label, Ea­gle Ear Entertainment.

Lorri Eberle Epstein '98

"In the fight for clean water, my avenue has hap­pened to be via salmon, but there are lots of different ways to do it. Being in the Pacific Northwest brought me to salmon and to an understanding of the critical role they play in the history, culture, and biology here."

Veena Rangaswami '00

"My experience in Jamaica led me to think about what I wanted to do with my life. I may have ended up as a teacher if I hadn't found my interest in international service, but I can't just say I'm a teacher at Peace Child India; it doesn't encompass everything that goes on here."

Jack Studer '01

"Starting a company is like giving birth; everything is always at the infant stage," said Studer of the $200 million group of companies that is a combination of a venture capital company and startup incubator. "It's where you can have the biggest impact and where the energy is."

Dr. Coleman Barks '55

Often credited with Rumi's popularity in the English-speaking world, Barks's translations have sold more than a million and a half copies. From the beginning, translating Rumi was "like a spiritual practice for me — and it still is. The publishing is like a 'by the way.'"

Dr. George Smith '87

"(I want) to have the opportunity to support the President's 2020 goal where America will have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world again."

Elaine Adams '95

"The purpose of our department is to develop and implement leisure and recreation programming for individuals with disabilities...What can individuals with disabilities not participate in? The answer, of course, is nothing."

Brooke Pancake '08

Brooke was a four-time state champion at Baylor and an NCAA champion and three-time All-American at the University of Alabama. In 2012, she was a member of the US Curtis Cup team, was the SEC Female Athlete of the Year, and a finalist for the 2012 NCAA Woman of the Year Award.

Capt. Marisa Catlin '97

While she was stationed at Royal Air Force Lakenheath outside London, Catlin logged more than 500 combat hours in Afghanistan and Iraq, conducting personnel recovery and casualty evacuation operations.

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