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It takes an impressive history…
to think this far forward.

Baylor is a Coed, Day and Boarding College Prep School for Grades 6-12.


  • The Honor Code is a core value that has been instilled in Baylor students since 1916.
  • Graduation classes typically receive college merit scholarship offers totaling $12-$16 million.
  • We provide approximately $6 million in financial aid each year.
  • More than 70% of our faculty hold advanced degrees.
  • Baylor’s student-to-faculty ratio is 8:1.
  • Since 2008, Baylor has had over 50 National Merit Scholarship Finalists.
  • 100% of Baylor graduates attend four-year colleges and universities.
  • In the past 19 years Baylor athletic teams have won more than 125 state titles.
  • Community Service is the largest extracurricular activity on campus with over 200 students participating each year.
  • Admission to Baylor is selective and competitive. Prior academic record, standardized test scores, an interview, and recommendations are considered in the process.

Here is a partial list of where some of our graduates have continued their careers at the collegiate level:

  • Amherst.png
  • Boston.png
  • Duke.png
  • Georgetown.png
  • Harvard.png
  • Hopkins.png
  • MIT.png
  • Princeton.png
  • Rhodes.png
  • SCAD.png
  • St. Johns College.png
  • Stanford.png
  • Vanderbuilt.png
  • Wake Forest.png
  • William & Mary.png
  • Yale.png


Baylor’s mission is to foster in its students both the ability and the desire to make a positive difference in the world.

Boarding at Baylor

Thousands of Experiences, Where Could Baylor Lead You?

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At Baylor, Everything You Could Want is Right Outside Your Door.

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Boarding Student's Perspective


Middle School Students: When asked “Why Baylor School?” our sixth, seventh, and eighth graders gave us hundreds of reasons

"iPads have brought technology to a whole new level and have been very helpful for teacher student communication." - Natalie Lopez-Durell

"Baylor's sports challenge me to make better use of my time by balancing homework and practices." - Morgan Burnette

"The differences between the many classes help keep the day interesting and fun."

"The Middle School program is designed to offer a wide variety of academic, leadership, athletic and enrichment offerings, ensuring that each child succeeds and thrives in personal areas of strength. "

"The teachers at Baylor are thoughtful and great communicators who really care about their students." - Maddy Toledano

"My favorite thing about the Middle School play was meeting people I would have never become friends with in the first place." - Teddy Lepcio


Nearly 100 state championships in the past decade.

Here is a partial list of where some of our athletes are continuing their sport at the collegiate level

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  • logo2.png
  • logo3.png
  • logo4.png
  • logo5.png
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