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Why Give 

Every gift to Baylor School makes a major difference - whether the gift is large or small, it signifies your confidence in us as a school worthy of your support. Your confidence is well placed. Your gifts are much appreciated.

It's important for you to know that your giving makes an incredible difference to the students and faculty at Baylor today and at Baylor in the future. Your giving can also make a difference for you in tax benefits and the benefit of seeing your gift making a difference. Giving to Baylor is one way to ensure that your gift will always come back to you.

Guide to Giving
A Guide to Supporting Baylor School

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund directly supports faculty and students. It provides the school with the essential dollars necessary for program enhancements not covered by tuition. The Annual Fund is our "checking account" and it is vital to the life of the school. Here are some convenient ways to give to the Annual Fund:

Will your Employer Match Your Gift?

Is your employer one of the over 720 companies who will match your gift to Baylor? Some companies will matches gifts 2:1 or greater. Click on the link below to find out.

Capital Gifts

Capital Gifts are larger and generally given over a period of years. Capital gifts support both endowment and capital projects and serve as our "savings account." Capital gifts are vital to the school's ability to maintain it's position in the marketplace by attracting and retaining the highest quality faculty, offering a program which is continually evaluated for its relevance and effectiveness, and providing the funds to attract to students who are appropriate for our mission.
Contact: Matt Lewis,, 423-757-2870

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts take a longer term view. Planned gifts range from life-income gifts, to bequests, to creative arrangements using retirement-plan benefits. Some people choose to make either anoutright or deferred gift of assets such as stocks, bonds, and property. Making a planned gift may allow you to give more than you ever thought possible and, at the same time, benefit from tax advantages or income for a term of years or life.
Contact: Rob Robinson,, 423-757-2836

Making A Stock Gift To Baylor

Baylor School welcomes gifts of stock. Gifts of appreciated securities are particularly attractive and may be a beneficial option for your gift plans. If you are interested in making a stock gift, please contact:

Beverly S. Glenn
Suntrust Bank
Office: 404.724.3556
Fax: 404.739-3229
Mail Code GA-ATL-3226
303 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 1400
Atlanta, GA 30308

Use the following DTC instructions:

Account Name: Baylor School
Participant #2039
FFC SunTrust Bank a/c 11188
Account#: 4112822
Donor Name:

Additionally, please ask your broker to notify the Baylor Development Office (423-757-2879) of the stock and number of shares once the transfer has taken place. Often securities are transferred without reference to the donor, and this information will help us identify your gift.

For additional information or assistance, please contact:

Matt Lewis 423-757-2870 or Ramona Glascock 423-757-2541


Baylor did so much for me, it is natural that I want to help now. I’ve talked to people who worry about the size of their gift. Really, there is no gift too small. Just giving to the Annual Fund is important whether it is a $5 gift or a $5,000 gift. When parents, students, and faculty all pull in the same direction, there is nothing we at Baylor can’t do!

Ryan '78 and Boofie Crimmins