Our Exchange Schools

Although exchange programs have existed at various times throughout Baylor’s history, the school entered a partnership several years ago with schools in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. In 2015-16, a program with Colegio San Fernando in Avilés, Spain was added.

“The Baylor Exchange Program is another facet of Baylor’s shift in the curriculum, allowing students to explore the world through hands-on experience,” says Heather Biebel, history instructor and faculty sponsor for the exchange program.

For Baylor Students

The application process for the program is open to all sophomores, and costs are covered through an endowed fund. In addition to solid academic standing, applicants must be willing to host an exchange student if selected for the program. Use the links below for more information.

Exchange Program Application (for Baylor students)
Application Directions
FAQ s for Baylor Students

For Visiting Exchange Students

Students from schools in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand have enjoyed attending classes at Baylor and living in Chattanooga – some with host families and others as boarding students. The links below will be helpful for students wishing to be an exchange student at Baylor.

Information for Visiting Students
Exchange Student Information Form  

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A Student Perspective

"When reflecting on my time in New Zealand, I realized how many experiences I gained without realizing it. During the exchange, I was completely immersed in a wonderfully different culture. And during my time there, I was excited to be meeting new people and learning about the country. Now, three years later, I can still see the effects that trip had on me..”

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A Student Perspective

"Being sent to Cape Town, South Africa is definitely the best thing I've done at Baylor. I lived in the Township of Langa for a day, surfed off of South Africa's west coast, and studied at an elite English boarding school. To be completely immersed in a foreign way of life is the best way to gain appreciation for cultures other than your own, and Baylor's program is the safest and best way to do this. I made friends memories that I will treasure for a lifetime. I will always be grateful for this opportunity.”

For More Information

Email Heather Biebel
Faculty Sponsor
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