The Baylor Campus Store

The Baylor Campus Store is located in the basement of the Student Center. We have a wide range of apparel, as well as school supplies for the convenience of students, alumni, and parents.

Textbook and E-Books (for iPads) Information

For E-Books
For those courses using e-books, teachers will explain to students how to make those purchases during the first week of school.  Our business office and IT department are still exploring several options, and our goal is to make those purchases as convenient as possible.

For Textbooks
For those books that are still in printed form, you may begin purchasing on MBS Direct beginning Monday, July 1 by clicking here; For Textbook Purchase or Buyback, click here

More about MBS

If you have questions or concerns about the ordering process or any other product and service MBS Direct offers, their customer service team is ready to answer questions, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Just call 1-800-325-3252 or email You can also contact Mark Baliles, Baylor Campus Store Manager, at 423-267-8506, ext. 566.

MBSDirect Online Bookstore Features
- A guaranteed buyback program to help your family budget for the entire academic term andunderstand how much it will truly cost to own that particular textbook.

- The option to purchase new or used books.

- Used books up to 25% off the price of a new book price.

- Out-the-door in 24 shipping policy.

- Customer loyalty program for more money at buyback.

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The Baylor Campus Store

Campus Store Hours:
7:30 am to 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday

Summer Hours
7:30 to 11 and noon to 4
Monday through Friday

Contact Information
Mark Baliles, Director

MBS Bookstore (for Textbooks)
For Textbook Purchase or Buyback, click here