R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Board

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. stands for - Regard Every Soul Purely Embracing Compassionate Thoughts - and is the goal for which the members of the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Leadership Board strive.

Because the board is student-led, the members are very involved in service and are charged with bringing the group's ideas together to make Community Service a better program for the children they serve.

2015-16 Board Members

Community Service Faculty Leaders:
Joli Anderson, Director
Laurie Millener, Assistant Director
Leroy Guy, Middle School Co-Director
Ashley Shuford, Middle School Co-Director

Student Leaders:
Parker Catlett
Kaki Voges

Student Leader of Grant Writing: 
Kylie Lee

Student Leaders of Holiday Party:
Briana Brady
Jane Wilson

Student Leaders of Reading Program:
Hannah Berke
Joe Julian

Student Leaders of Special Events: 
Adam Davis
Lilly Turner

External Communications Leaders:
Shelby Ellis
Sydney Tindall

Service Site Monitor:
Whitley Smith

Service Site Leaders: 
Anna Barot (CHAT Room)
Thomas Barringer (CHAT Room)
Ansley McWilliams (NTYB)
Katy Smith (NTYB)
Diamond Wadley (One Room)
Summer Smith (One Room)
Parker Catlett (Westside)
Kaki Voges (Westside)

Jamaica Trip Participants:
Thomas Barringer
Briana Brady
Parker Catlett
Kylie Lee
Katy Smith
Summer Smith
Lilly Turner
Diamond Wadley
Jane Wilson
Zoey Young

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For more information on Baylor's Community Service Program, contact Joli Anderson at 423-267-8506, ext. 298.

Each year students involved in community service at all grade levels help raise money for the Jamaica Education Fund, which goes toward providing an education for children in Jamaica. Last year students raised a total of $64,000.

Baylor students contribute more than 40,000 hours of community service annually.

Baylor students regularly earn college scholarships due to their commitment to community service.