Lynn Gui '18

I feel like I'm in this family.

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Educational opportunities offered in America are what sent Lynn halfway around the world searching for just the right boarding school. Thanks to the internet, Beijing, China and Chattanooga, Tenn. are much closer neighbors than they used to be.

After a visit to the Baylor website,  Lynn says she had found her school., adding that the warm southern climate, the scenic campus, the river, and the mountains were big factors in her choice. Feeling like she would be in a safe environment was also part of the equation. "My safety is important to my family," she says, "so they won't have to worry about me so far from home."

Lynn has enjoyed living in a dorm with students of all high school grade levels. "Most of my classes are with students in the same grade as me," she explains.  "But, being a boarder, I get to meet students of different ages and backgrounds. It's a better experience."

Being part of smaller groups on campus, specifically her adviser group, has also helped Lynn with her adjustment. "Our group is like a smaller family within the larger Baylor community. We communicate and share with each other. I feel like I'm in this family."


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Profile on Lynn

  • Lynn is interested in web design and works with Baylor's literary and arts magazine, The Periaktoi, in the afternoons.
  • Lynn was interested in the Walkabout program when she applied to Baylor and has since fallen in love with the sport of bouldering.