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  • Scotty, King, and the Class of 2015

    Scott Wilson '75

    How do I summarize a year at Baylor School and attempt to quantify the unquantifiable? Having just surveyed the contents of this issue of the Baylor magazine and recently returned from the Senior Trip, I find myself at a loss to adequately describe a year at Baylor or the qualities that make our school so remarkable and enduring in the hearts of our students. So, I’ll turn to our seniors to find the right words. The following are just a few of the excerpts from senior write-ups in the 2015 Tower yearbook.

    • I am grateful for the people that God has put in my life through Baylor.
    • Baylor has been a true blessing to me.
    • I love this place.
    • I cannot fully explain how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to attend a school full of such talented, humble, and inspiring people.
    • This school has done more for me than I could have ever imagined.
    • I would like to thank my parents for sacrificing so that my three brothers and I could attend a school like Baylor.
    • Mom & Dad, thank you for sending me to such an amazing school for the last seven years.
    • Going to Baylor…it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.
    • Mom, Dad: I could never thank you enough for sending me to Baylor. I hope you never regret it because I know I don’t!
    • Thank you to each and every individual who has impacted my time at Baylor. I am so grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have been provided during my time here.
    • Baylor is easily the best thing that has happened to me. This school is my courage and my life.
    • Beloved teachers: I will miss all the times I have unexpectedly learned something profound inside the walls of your classrooms.
    • Baylor is everything to me, and I cannot believe it is coming to an end.
    • I have been beyond blessed with my experiences at Baylor, and I am forever grateful.
    • Baylor will forever hold a special place in my heart, certainly a bigger spot than provided for me to write about in this yearbook.
    • Thank you Baylor School for all the memories. Magnanimitas and GBR forever!
    • I simply can’t imagine leaving Baylor, the place I’ve called home the past four years. Every time I open this yearbook, I hope the memory of this sacred school will flow back to me.

    Clearly, our students “get it.” Sooner or later, they come to understand that the complex quilt of a Baylor education has prepared them for “the university and the business of life,” as our founder Prof. John Roy Baylor said. Further, as Baylor implored his students in his final words to them (delivered posthumously by Alex Guerry), they should aspire to magnanimitas, or “greatness of spirit.”

    All of us in the Baylor family have been reminded these past months of two powerful examples of magnanimitas through the recent deaths of King Oehmig ’69 and Scotty Probasco ’46. King and Scotty truly reflected the best of Baylor in so many ways, and they loved the school unconditionally. (Read related stories in the sidebar)

    King’s record as Baylor’s golf coach is the stuff of legends and numerous halls of fame, and his generosity to Baylor exceeded his coaching accomplishments; however, we will remember King for his servant-leadership, his love of people, and his love of The Lord. As the Rev. Michael “Corky” Carlisle stated in his eulogy at King’s service, “he had the ability to give us eyes to see something bigger and better than the world we live in.” Magnanimitas.

    The passing of Scotty Probasco meant for Baylor the loss of perhaps the most generous and supportive servant-leader in our school’s long history. The effects of Scotty’s remarkable legacy can be found throughout the South and especially here in Chattanooga; yet, nowhere was his influence more profound than at Baylor. From more than three decades of service to our Board of Trustees to his unmatched generosity, Scotty lived his love for our school. In my life, I have never known a better person. Like King, Scotty was a man of deep faith, and he lived out his faith by how he treated others and how he shared his earthly treasures. As Tim Tinsley, pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Chattanooga, challenged us, “What seven of us will fill the shoes of Scotty Probasco?” Magnanimitas.

    We live in a world that can quickly make cynics of even the most hopeful of people. Yet, the Baylor mission resonates in the hearts of the members of the Class of 2015 and was embraced by King Oehmig and Scotty Probasco. This mission remains the guidepost for us today: to make a positive difference in the world. Amen.

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