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Lasting Legacies
Eddie Davis

Webster’s dictionary defines legacy as, “anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.” In this issue, we celebrate how a legacy can take many forms. Just as the donors to the $45 million Forever Forward campaign will make a difference in the school’s future with the transformation of the quad and the new $12 million academic center (above); the impact left by the people featured in the following stories is not bound by age, time served, or positions held. Rather, they will be long remembered for their varied and meaningful contributions to Baylor.

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Sandy Gardner: Faithful Servant, Effective Leader
Eddie Davis

Sandy Gardner grew up on Signal Mountain and has extensive family in the area, so there were more factors in his decision to return to Chattanooga than just the onerous Atlanta commute he navigated for 16 years while on the faculty of Westminster School. Whatever his reason for returning, Baylor has certainly been the beneficiary of that decision for the past 27 years.

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True Legacy
Scott Wilson '75

When I learned that the theme of this issue of Baylor magazine was the many forms of legacy, my thoughts leapt to several facets of institutional life at Baylor where that word means so much. From family heritage through which multiple generations of students bearing the same last name are represented in our student body to the Forever Forward capital campaign donors who will make a difference in the school’s future, Baylor is the beneficiary of extraordinary legacies of all kinds.

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Volume 29
Issue 2
Issue 2

For alumni and friends of Baylor School | SUMMER 2017

Pictured (above) on the cover of Baylor School’s summer magazine are recent graduates Aaron Ervin, Briana Brady, Sydney Tindall, and Frank Bu.

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