Don't Miss the Next Used Uniform Sale
Don't Miss the Next Used Uniform Sale

The next used uniform sale will be August 13 and 14 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Parry Center.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about used uniforms:

Q. Where do I turn in my child's used uniform?

A. Used uniforms can be turned into the Welcome Center, the Campus Store or to the Parry Center during a used uniform sale. Please make sure to include a name with your used uniforms so Baylor Bucks can be issued and used for future sales.

Q. What are Baylor Bucks?

A. As your child outgrows his/her uniforms you will have the opportunity to donate these items and earn "Baylor Bucks" that you can then use at future sales as credit. We will do our best to make sure proper Baylor Bucks credit is given prior to the next sale date. If items are turned in during a sale, we will have your credit issued before the following sale, as to avoid mistakes and confusion during the chaos of sale days.

Q. What items qualify for the Baylor Bucks credit?

A. We will gladly issue $5 Baylor Bucks credit for every uniform top ( jacket, sweatshirt, B shirt and chapel shirt) and bottom (shorts, pants, skirts and skorts) that are in sellable condition. "Sellable condition" is defined as clean, without stains (including around the neck and underarms), holes, tears, unfaded, etc. and that appear to be gently used. We will not be able to give credit for unapproved, non-uniform items.

Q. When do the sales take place?

A. Sales take place at the Parry Center from 3-5 p.m. on the first Monday of each month, provided it is not a holiday. Summer sales are also held and those dates are posted in the BNews and the Baylor website.

Q. Can I pay with cash and/or checks and credit cards?

A. Our Used Uniform sale team will happily accept payment in cash, check, credit cards or you may use Baylor Bucks for credit.

Q. Can I exchange my purchase or get a refund?

A. Sorry, we are unable to provide refunds or accept exchanges, so it is helpful to know the size you are looking for or to have your son or daughter with you during a sale. Please check the website calendar for upcoming sales dates.

Q. Are there certain days that I can turn in a used uniform for the sale and for Baylor Bucks?

A. We can accept used uniforms can be turned in any time and offer convenient drop-offs at the Welcome Center, the Campus Store and the Parry Center during a used uniform sale.

Q. How can I volunteer for the used uniform sale?

A. Our used uniform store is run solely by parent volunteers and we rely on other parents giving their time to help with sales and managing inventory. If you are willing and able to volunteer to help during a sale, we would all greatly appreciate it. We can't do this without you! Email Lisa Romanchik or Kelli Baker.

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