Students Prepare for AP Spanish Class with Summer Trip to Spain
Students Prepare for AP Spanish Class with Summer Trip to Spain

Six Baylor students prepared for their upcoming AP Spanish class and Global Scholars portfolio by taking a 10-day trip to spain with Baylor's World Languages Department Chair Eli Barerra.

Jenna Azzouz, Nolan Cummings, Jackson Colette, Alec Coussoule, Cecilia Rodriguez, and Rosa Anderson Barrera joined Eli Barerra and his wife, Vivian, on a 10-day trip to the city of Pamplona in northern Spain.

"Students kept a journal, and made voice recordings in Spanish and captured images and video during the trip. One of our objectives was for them to use the experience as part of their portfolio for the Global Scholars Program," explained Barerra.

"A central goal of the language department is to make language learning an authentic, real-world experience to complement and the work that we do in classrooms. The trip serves this goal in important ways, as it adds literally more than a hundred hours of language contact with native speakers for the students," he added.

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