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    Daily Announcements, 3/16/2017

    SD Duty
    Monday – James Shaughnessy
    Tuesday – Mattie Sienknecht
    Wednesday – Zoha Ahmad

    Special Schedule
    Test make-up 7:30
    Help 8:00
    A 8:45 – 9:28
    C 9:35 – 10:18
    D 10:25 – 11:08
    E 11:15 – 11:58

    Seniors: If you ordered a senior mug, they have arrived and are available in the Campus Store.

    Congratulations to the following students for their recognition at the Photographic Society of Chattanooga's annual Youth Photography Showcase. Ellen Aho, Max Montague, Sarah Mosier, Katie Nelson, across a variety of categories. Kayla Runyan earned second place for an image in the Digital Monochromatic category. Katy Smith earned three honorable mentions, and third place for an image in the People/Animals category. All of these students, along with Theo Maedgen and Claire Manning have images being sent on the Photographic Society of America's Youth Photography Showcase. Congratulations to everyone!

    Math Evening Extra Help: Lots of positive math action continues to occur on the top floor of the library during evening weeknights. Steer your way over to the warm and stimulating atmosphere of the Sterling Room. Please bring your relevant math materials. You can receive help with your homework, review class material, and prepare for quizzes and tests.
    Extra help sessions this week: Mon. (at 8:15- hosted by math club), Tues. (at 8:15), and Wed. (at 8:15).

    Spring Break Walkabout Trips: Adventuring In the Southeast… There is a plan for two different Walkabout trips over spring break. The first part of spring break will focus on a backpacking and paddling trip to the Florida Panhandle. The spring-fed rivers and vernal forests along the Florida Trail are especially inviting in the St. Marks area this time of year. Also, near the end of spring break there will be a backpacking trip closer to home along a wilderness river in either TN or GA (I will let the students decide where they wish to go) as we welcome spring to our neck of the woods. Please contact Mr. Emmanuele if you are interested in either or both trips. These trips are suitable for adventurists of all ability levels.
    Tennessee waterfalls are a sight for tour(ing) eyes,You will see more birds than you shake a wing at in FL.,Wildlife is very hands-on in the Sunshine state.


    On Sunday, March 26th, Sam Beard, Pierce Collins, and Derek Duncan will be cleaning the Upper School boys’ football, wrestling, and basketball locker rooms, as well as the girls’ basketball and Upper School girls’ locker rooms. They would appreciate your help! If you want to join in, please email them at sbeard@baylorschool.org, dduncan@baylorschool.org, or collinspi@baylorschool.org

    Chattanooga's Coast-to-Coast College Fair: Thursday, March 30 from 6:30-8:30pm at the Chattanooga Convention Center. Attendance is required for juniors; freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to attend.
    Check out the website to see a list of colleges attending. http://coasttocoastcollegefair.com/representatives
    Transportation will be provided for boarding students.

    Riverbend Reminder:
    Deadline: ~Monday, April 3rd
    Cost: $30 per band, cash or check
    Date: ~June 9-17
    See Susan Collins, 2nd floor Hunter

    Prospective Cheerleaders: Baylor Varsity Cheer will hold tryouts for the 2017-18 Varsity Cheer Teams for football and basketball on April 13, 2017. Clinic is from 5:30-7:30pm April 10-12th, with the April 13th date of actual tryouts. You must be a current enrolled student of Baylor for the upcoming 9th -12th grade for 2017-18 at the time of clinic tryouts. Packet information and prospective parent/cheerleader meetings will be made
    available at a later date! Should you be chosen for the football cheer team, you will have mandatory practices June 5th, June 12-15th and attend camp June 19-23rd. If you do not attend practices and camp, you are not eligible to cheer during season and forfeit your position on the team. Should you have any questions, please contact Mindy Kral, Baylor Cheer Coach at mkral@baylorschool.org. We look forward to an exciting new season with Baylor Cheer!! GBR!!

    Walkabout Spring Schedule:
    Please click on http://walkabout.baylorschool.org/Baylor_Walkabout/Spring_2017.html to see the Walkabout trip schedule for Spring 2017!

    SAT QUESTION OF THE DAY: http://apps.collegeboard.com/qotd/question.do

    Student Activities
    Bus Schedules:
    Wed. 3/15 Continuous Walmart runs starting at 6:00 p.m.

    This week's events:
    Tues. 3/14 Totto Sushi Trip @ 6:30
    Do you love sushi??? Then this trip is for YOU! Join your friends for sushi and fun at Totto's on Tuesday night. This trip is free! Email Ashlee or Jen to sign up!

    Tues. 3/14 The Goddess Project
    A~documentary~sharing~the~stories of~inspiring~women~from~different walks~of~life who~are~overcoming their fears and pursuing~the lives of their dreams. Follow this link for more information http://www.thegoddessproject.com/ Email Ashlee or Jen to sign up! Spots are limited!

    Coming up:
    3/16 Spring Break!

    Thursday 3/16:
    Softball - Varsity @ Rhea County - 5:00 pm

    Baseball - Varsity vs. McCallie @ Baylor - 6:00 pm

    Soccer - Boys Varsity vs. Fort Payne @ Baylor - 8:00 pm