Past Presidents

Dr. Charles C. Adams '71
Mr. William P. Aiken, Jr. '68
Mr. Jeffrey D. Boehm '60
Dr. G. Matthew Brock '91
Mr. D. Franklin Daniels, Jr. '87
Mr. Daniel K. Frierson '60
Mr. James M. Haley IV '68
Dr. H. Barrett Heywood III '52
Mr. A. Comer Hobbs, Sr. '58
Mr. Thomas H. Hopper '84
Mr. Daniell C. Klein '70
Mr. Lawrence D. Levine '47
Mr. Michael F. McGauley '64
Mr. Andrew R. Moore '92
Dr. Christopher T. Moore '68
Mr. Philip J. Mouchet '61
Rev. H. King Oehmig '69
Mr. John M. Reid '50
Mr. Everett B. Roberts, Jr. '52
Mr. James B. Robinson '47
Dr. Stephen M. Sawrie '59
Mr. William M. Taff '41
Hon. W. Neil Thomas III '62
Mr. Joseph R. Wheeler '81
Mr. Gregory F. Wright '64

Alumni Board


As the primary representatives of Baylor’s alumni body, the Alumni Board works closely with the office of alumni affairs to achieve the association’s goal of establishing and encouraging an active and involved alumni network. The purpose of this network is to build mutually beneficial relationships between alumni, students, and the school, demonstrating that the student experience is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship with Baylor School.

A member of the Baylor Alumni Board is selected to hold a three-year position based on a personal commitment to Baylor. Meetings are held three times a year (Fall, Winter, Spring). 

If you would like to nominate someone to be considered for the Baylor Alumni Board, please contact Director of Alumni Affairs Jaime J. Melton '94 at

2016-17 Alumni Board

  • Ben Fischer '85, President

  • Kristin McCamish Bell '93

  • John Best, Jr. '83

  • Jonathon Bullard '02

  • Philip Byrum '91

  • Britney Cooke '96

  • Kristen Brimer Curtis '92

  • John Arthur Daniel '89

  • Kathryn Cooper Harbison '96

  • Lee Johnson Kinkel '92

  • Barton Mathews '03

  • Allison Yates Moore '88

  • Sarah Willingham Ratterman '04

  • Pat Silberman '93

  • Charlie Stout, Jr. '01

  • Niti S. Tejani '01

  • Michael Thomas '97

  • Meredith Ingle Trautschold '05

  • Dr. Frank Trundle, Jr. '76

  • Dr. Beth Flanagan Webb '99

  • Chris Wright '03

  • David Yann '92

Not Pictured

Dr. David Barker '90
Dr. Jim Busch '89
John "Buddy" Fisher, Jr. '46
Hunter McShan '83
Mary Stagmaier '10
Emily Stulce '99