International Admission

Baylor welcomes international students and we strive to help these important members of our community make a comfortable transition to American boarding school life, while also preparing them for admission to universities around the world. Baylor’s Transitions Program was created specifically to help our international students adjust to American culture, and provides the following support:

International Student Advisers - An international student adviser meets with all the new international students to discuss and assist with various adjustments to Baylor and the U.S., such as homesickness, jet-lag, and immigration paperwork. The international student adviser is a resource and an advocate for international students and their families.

Regular Meetings - New international students meet once a week to discuss a variety of topics during the first month of school, once every other week the second month, and then monthly for the remainder of the first year. The topics might include understanding English idioms or roommate relationships, or how to share their culture with dorm mates. As the school year progresses, international students are involved in discussion groups that encourage them to raise personal concerns and share successful strategies. Most of these discussion groups are led by older international students who have been at Baylor more than one year.

EFL(English as a First Language) - We offer EFL classes designed to expose the student to as much English as possible, while providing a safety net of support.  In addition to EFL classes, our international students are able to strengthen their English skills and experience American culture through their personal interaction with other Baylor students in the dorms and classrooms.

Social Activities - International students are assigned roommates who do not speak their language to encourage them to use their English on a daily basis. Faculty members also live in the building to assist, supervise and advise our international students whenever necessary. Our international students are also active in various aspects of school life, participating in sports, performing arts, and a huge variety of extracurricular offerings and social activities.

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Our Global Community

Our current international community consists of students from the Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, China, Finland, Germany, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Korean, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Thailand.