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Our Mission

As college counselors, we provide guidance and advice, ask probing questions, make recommendations and suggestions, provide referrals, and above all, inform our students of the many opportunities available to them. We value the relationships we establish with our students in the course of our counseling efforts, and look forward to working with them.

Guiding Students Through the Process...

College counseling begins working with students through Baylor’s Colloquium when they enter the Upper School.

 As freshmen, students learn about course selection and about taking an intentional approach to academic and extracurricular choices.

First-semester sophomores are reintroduced to the college counseling office and the college admission process. In a second-semester session, sophomores learn about academic and test performance, community involvement, and colleges’ admissions criteria. 

Information gets more specific in the junior year. Over the course of a number of sessions, students (and parents in sessions separate from students) learn about broad aspects of the college admission process, including admission jargon, financial aid, the Academic Common Market, predictability of admission, and the Tennessee and Georgia Hope Scholarships. As the year progresses, juniors learn more about standardized testing, teacher and counselor letters of recommendation, essays, review of the high school transcript, the campus visit, financial aid and scholarships, tips for working with college counselors, résumés, athletic recruiting, tips for making the most of a college fair, and the college interview.

The focus in the senior year is on completing essays, meeting application requirements, individualized mock interviews upon request, tracking deadlines, and completing financial aid paperwork. Students (and parents) rely heavily on college counselors for guidance regarding early action and early decision, evaluating merit scholarships, and managing wait lists and multiple acceptances.   




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