A gender equity study compiled from surveys of 39 independent schools throughout the U.S. reveals that Baylor does an exemplary job in providing equitable experiences for students, regardless of gender, in a number of critical areas. Highlights of the report include:

School Environment

Baylor received top ratings from both boys and girls when asked if they felt their school was a good place to grow and develop. Both genders also report a high level of comfort at Baylor and felt free to express their opinions in class.

Relationships with Adult Figures

The majority of students at Baylor feel they have an adult they can speak to on a personal level. Seniors of both genders exceed the national norm when asked if they have a same gender adult with whom they can speak.


A majority of both genders at Baylor are able to find healthy ways to manage stress, and senior girls exceed the national norm. Seniors of both genders exceed the norm when asked if they are able to balance academics, extracurricular activities, friendships, and their health.


An overwhelming majority of Baylor girls feel they have leadership opportunities, and both genders rate girls as effective leaders at the school. Overall, Baylor was rated exemplary in the Girls Leadership category. An overwhelming majority of boys feel that they have leadership opportunities at Baylor; while girls and boys rate boys as effective leaders at the school.

Peer Friendships

The majority of boys and girls feel that it is easy to make friends at Baylor. A majority of students, particularly seniors, also feel they are able to share true feelings with their classmates; (exceeding the national norm for both genders).

Ability to Influence Peers

Baylor received an exemplary rating from seniors when asked if they felt that boys and girls had an equal influence at school. A majority of students also believe that male and female adults have an equal influence at Baylor.

Classroom Dynamics

Students of both genders rate Baylor teachers as unbiased in the classroom – seniors are especially positive. Regarding equitable discussion in class, Baylor received an exemplary rating from seniors of both genders (exceeding the national norms).

Body Image and Attitudes

In the national data, senior girls are the least healthy group in their behaviors and attitudes about their bodies. At Baylor, senior girls considerably exceed the national average, as they report behaviors and attitudes that make Baylor unique in fostering a positive body image in adolescent girls.

Source: Independent School Gender Project 1996-2009, by Cheryl Sandford Jenkins, Ed.D., St. George’s School , Rhode Island ; Principal Investigator for the Independent School Gender Project, April 2009.